Thursday, 29 September 2016

What We Did This Week....

Two days ago one of our volunteers received information about a deceased kitten laying in the road in Bletchley. We suspect it had been killed by a car. When our volunteers went out mum and two remaining kittens were nearby. The kittens were so scared they hid inside a van engine. When people ask what we are doing, this is it. It breaks out hearts but we have to prioritise what cats we can help because we all work and have family commitments. This week a mum and two kit...tens whose lives were at risk were a priority - next week who knows perhaps we will be lucky and we will rehome one of our adult cats making room for another stray to come into foster. For now we say thank you to Aaron for reporting mum and kittens to us and to Stewart and especially Angela for putting in the hours to safely traps these little guys.

Frosty and Snowie will be very checked next week along with mum and then we'll see about getting them ready for rehoming.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

What A Weekend!

What a fabulous weekend. Stewart successfully trapped a cat we've had our beady eye on for sometime and we've attended three...yes three fundraising events this weekend. 

With the help of the wonderful Gillin family we had a vegan cookery class on Saturday morning (more on that later on as we have pictures of the guys baking!), Debbie and Chris attended an event Saturday afternoon and Claire & Annie attended an afternoon event today. Every penny that we raise counts and we never take our volunteers for granted....they are a fabulous group of folk! Purrs to all....and as this rather beautiful mini panther says....nicely done guys we've raised just over £350 this weekend x

Thursday, 25 August 2016

What's that you say Bumble.....

We're really pleased to let everyone know that through donations raised through our amazing supporters we have raised the money for Bumble's operation.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Meet Bumble

We thought it was time we introduced you to Bumble. Bumble is coming up to 9 weeks of age and whilst his siblings will be going off to their new homes. Bumble is facing major surgery. When he was found in a shed with his mum and siblings it became clear that he had suffered some trauma to his front and back legs. We dread to think what happened but Bumble will be needing to have a total amputation of his front leg and the removal of a digit from his back paw. He is a strong and healthy little boy but the operation is estimated to be between £400-500. 

This week we received a vet bill of just over £1,000 which we can pay with all the fundraising that we've been doing but if anyone can spare £5 towards helping us pay for Bumble's operation we would be extremely grateful. We have a donate button on our blog or a donation of kitten food would be gratefully received. 

It all helps x

Monday, 15 August 2016

What A Weekend!

It was one of our busiest fundraising weekends so far this year we think......but it was well worth it.  We raised £423 by attending events at Cosgrove Caravan Park, Fenny Poppers and Hula.

Big thank you to all our volunteers. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Cosgrove Summer Fete

An amazing day of fundraising. Welcome & thank you to Debbie & Chris for joining our volunteering team...

and think it's fair to say that all four volunteers fell in love with Millie the beautiful springer spaniel & the families 8 weeks old pup.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Morris the Morrisons Cat

We thought it was time we shared some sad news with you all. To be honest its taken us some time to digest the news but its about Morris the Morrison's cat. Morris was well known in Westcroft for hanging around the car park and had been seen eating old bread and left over pizza's. 

On the 29 May 2016 we managed to trap Morris after several attempts of trying to catch him by hand. Sadly after two weeks in care his condition deteriorated and after some tests he has been diag...nosed with hepatitis and FIV. Morris remains in foster and has been given approximately 6 months to live. 

Now that his condition is being managed and he's been neutered, he is happy to have a fuss and is full of purrs. We would love to find someone who could provide palliative care to Morris....are we asking too much?

If there is anyone out there that has no other pets or children that would like to give Morris a home to call his own can you contact us? Morris will need to see the vet every 3 weeks or so to have a steroid injection and vitamin B12 shot but we will continue to pay for his vet treatment and food. We've put Morris into a foster room rather than remaining in a pen but we just want to do right by him - give him the life that he should have had for so long. If there is an angel out there can you email us